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Details of the Golgi apparatus seen in 40 nm epon sections of Ptk tissue culture cells after plunge freezing,and freeze substitution. Image recorded at 28,500x with a Philips CM10 TEM operated at 80KV

Biological Sources

NCBI Organism Classification
Potorous tridactylus tridactylus
(long-nosed potoroo)
Cell Type
primary cell line cell
Cell Line
Ptk1 kidney epithelium
Cellular Component
Golgi apparatus

Biological Context

Biological Process
protein maturation
Molecular Function
sorting, modifying and packaging of macromolecules


Mary Morphew
J. Richard McIntosh
Mark Ladinsky


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Image Type
transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Imaging Mode
illumination by electrons
detection of electrons
Parameters Imaged
electron density
Source of Contrast
electron-dense stain
Visualization Methods
uranyl salt
Processing History
unprocessed raw data

Sample Preparation

cryofixed tissue
freeze substitution
tissue in plastic embedment
Relation To Intact Cell
microtome-sectioned tissue


Spatial Axis Image Size Pixel Size
X 3668px 0.7nm
Y 4388px 0.7nm
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