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Human primary keratinocyte spreading on an asymmetric "arc"-shaped collagen I micropattern. The cells are stained for the focal adhesion protein vinculin (green, Alexa488), F-Actin (red, TRITC phalloidin) and the nucleus (blue, DAPI). The polymer brush micropatterning technique used is described in Gautrot et al. Biomaterials 2010, 31, 5030-5040. Images were acquired on a Leica DMI4000 using a 63X, NA: 1.25 and a Leica DFC 340 FX camera with 17 ms exposure for blue; 117 ms for green, and 159 ms for red.

Biological Sources

NCBI Organism Classification
Homo sapiens
Cell Type
Cellular Component
focal adhesion
actin cytoskeleton

Biological Context

Biological Process
substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading


Julien Gautrot
Data Qualifiers
raw, unprocessed data
suitable for spatial measurements

Sample Preparation

formaldehyde fixed tissue
permeabilized tissue
Relation To Intact Cell
dispersed cells in vitro


Spatial Axis Image Size Pixel Size
X 380px 0.1μm
Y 520px 0.1μm
Channel Wavelength
1 DAPI, Alexa488, TRITC nm
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