Laminar Boundaries - Relationship between astrocyte distribution & morpholgy

CIL Project 1231
Astrocytes are known to play an integral role in the development of compartmental boundaries in the brain and in the creation of trauma-induced boundaries. However, the physical relationship between astrocytes and such boundaries in the adult brain is less clear. If astrocytes do respect or play an ongoing role in maintaining such boundaries, a correlation between the position of such a boundary and the morphology of neighboring astrocytes might be observable.

Human U2OS cells - compound cell-painting experiment

CIL Project 20269
Phenotypic profiling attempts to summarize multiparametric, feature-based analysis of cellular phenotypes of each sample so that similarities between profiles reflect similarities between samples. This image set provides a basis for testing image-based profiling methods wrt. to their ability to distinguish the effects of small molecules.