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High resolution view of the bundles of microtubules that arise from along the elaborately woven blanket of the filamentous reticulum that covers the ribbed wall of the right side of the buccal cavity. A bundle forms beneath the bottom of each rib of the ribbed wall and runs parallel to the depression of the rib. These bundles then extend beyond the posterior terminus of the buccal cavity where they are then collectively called the postoral fiber. In addition single microtubules seem to lie deeper in the cytosol at approximately right angles to the bundles. TEM taken on 7/5/96 by R. Allen with Zeiss 10A operating at 80kV. Neg. 9,780X.Cells were lightly fixed with 0.25% glutaraldehyde and infiltrated with 2.3M sucrose before being frozen in liquid nitrogen and thin sectioned at a temperature of â��100°C at approximately 75nm thickness. Frozen sections from these preparations were then thawed, washed, and exposed to a monoclonal primary antibody that was raised in mice or rabbit/goat and to colloidal gold-complexed goat-anti-mouse/rabbit secondary antibodies. Further details of preparation are detailed in Methods Cell Biol. 2010;96:143-73. The raw film was scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 9000ED. This image is best used for quantitative analysis. Additional information available at (

Biological Sources

NCBI Organism Classification
Paramecium tetraurelia
Cell Type
cell by organism
eukaryotic cell
Eukaryotic Protist
Ciliated Protist
Cellular Component
cell cortex
cortical microtubule cytoskeleton
cortical microtubule
oral apparatus


Richard Allen (University of Hawaii)


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Data Qualifiers
raw, unprocessed data
suitable for spatial measurements

Sample Preparation

glutaraldehyde fixed tissue
tissue in vitreous ice embedment
microtome-sectioned tissue
monoclonal antibody
Relation To Intact Cell
microtome-sectioned tissue


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